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References for Phoebe Worall Palmer


Faith and Its Effects (1856)
The Useful Disciple (1857)
Incidental Illustrations of the Economy of Salvation, Its Doctrines and Duties (1855)
The Way Of Holiness (1854)
The Useful Disciple (1857)
Entire Devotion To God (1857)
Sweet Mary (1862)
The Life and Letters of Mrs. Phoebe Palmer (1876)
Four Years In The Old World
A Poem Called "The Bible" by Palmer
Christ Praised - Hymn by Palmer
Jesus Come - Hymn by Palmer and Kilpatrick
Welcome Home - Hymn by Palmer
A Description Of Phoebe Palmer by Abel Stevens
A Description Of Palmer In The Book Famous Christians
A Description of Palmer by Andrew Manship
A Note On Catherine Booth Supporting Phoebe Palmer
A Note On Palmer's Influence On Asa Mahan And Charles Finney
The Life of Mrs Sarah A. Lankford Palmer by John Roche (1898) Phoebe's Sister


Phoebe Palmer and the Development of Pentecostal Pneumatology
The Inverted Shadow of Phoebe Palmer
How They Entered Canaan - Phoebe Worrall Palmer
Phoebe Palmer's Theology Of Experience
Palmer Talks About Her Sister's Holiness Experience
Sanctification - Palmer versus Wesley Theology
Phoebe Palmer Quotes
Short History of the Guide To Holiness Newspaper
Extract Of A Letter From Palmer


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